Scoring another coup, Babbobox is invited by Microsoft for their exclusive Cloud Storage Partner Preview Program.

Babbobox will be one of the first around the world to be able to integrate Office Online into our application. What this also means is that Babbobox customers also be one of the first in the world to experience such a seamless integration with Office Online. 

As this Program is currently in Preview mode, Microsoft's selection criteria is an highly stringent and will only select partners which has the capability to succeed, by displaying skills in terms of technical expertise, ability to execute, capacity to achieve targets, market and client base, and proven track record.

"We are delighted that we were invited by Microsoft for this Program." said Alex Chan, Babbobox's CEO, "Given that this Program is still in Preview mode, we are thankful that Microsoft recognizes the direction that we are heading, that Babbobox is in the forefront of the Cloud Transformation that will essentially change the way we work."