Next Generation of A.I. Storage

AIsapce is the Next Generation of Enterprise Storage (with A.I.) as it includes Babbobox Search, the most powerful search engine in the world. Imagine the ability to index and search everything (not just documents, but also images, audio and video) in your enterprise's storage! Beyond Search, we can also apply A.I. (in the form of Text Analytics) to analyse the content of documents. 

In short, you can think of AIspace as a Enterprise Storage with intelligence! In comparison, AIspace is so much more from any other typical Cloud Storage...

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From our past experiences implementing expensive systems for corporations (with big budgets and long implementation periods), we noticed that for some strange reasons, end-users were not using them because they were too cumbersome, too complicated and too difficult to use. Thus, even after spending large sums of money, these systems under-performed and under-utilized. To add to their dismay, many users ended up going back to sending emails attachments as their main form of collaboration.

With these precious lessons in mind, our goal for AIspace is simple – to be an cost-effective Digital Asset Management System with all (or at least most of them) the features of a sophisticated DMS system.

Most importantly, we added Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and made AIspace extremely EASY TO USE.

With AIspace, companies can now harness the powers of an Intelligent Enterprise Storage coupled with powerful features of a Document Management System instantly. On top of that, it comes Babbobox Search - one of the most powerful and advanced Search Engine in the world!