STream . On-Demand . Search . Translation

VideoSpace is about enabling everyone to have their own private space for their videos needs. Be it live streaming, video on-demand or even searching inside the video, VideoSpace allows the event to be streamed live, allows the chef to have his own Video On-Demand channel, allows a student to search keywords spoken in videos for research. The possibilities are endless. That's the power of Video. 

The difference between you and a rock star is a million people. We cannot promise that we can make you a rock star, but VideoSpace is THAT bridge between you and that million people. 

VideoSpace does 4 things and we do them well. 

Our Solutions (Video.StreamVideo.On-DemandVideo.Search and Video.Translation) are built on Microsoft Azure. The technology behind Live Streaming is provided by Live Arena was used at more than 30,000 live events annually in US and Europe. 

VideoSpace is about bringing the Power of Live, On-Demand and Video Search to Asia.