Babbobox's unique proposition is in Enterprise Search. We also realized that Video is the King of Content. So we added media (video, audio and images) to what we do best (i.e. Search) and created FOUR game-changing World's First!

  1. World's First True Unified Search Engine

  2. World's First Video-Search-as-a-Service

  3. World's First Video Search with Interactive Results

  4. World's First Translated Video Search

World's First
True Unified Search Engine

  1. Most formats (index and search) - Over 50 formats for Video, Audio, Images and Documents.

  2. Most advanced technologies - Speech Recognition, Video OCR, Image Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Search, etc.

  3. Number of languages supported - over 100 languages for Documents, over 100 languages for Speech Recognition, 26 languages for Video OCR

World's First


VideoSpace Search Engine can index and search on the following elements:

  • Speech (over 100 languages)

  • Text (more than 25 languages)

  • Objects (over 20,000 objects)

  • Motion (full or specific zone)

  • Face (up to 64 faces in a frame)

  • Emotion (up to 8 emotions)

  • Offensive Content (Nudity, Profanity, etc)

  • Custom Search (Logos, Objects, Landmarks, etc.)

World's First
Translated Video Search   

World's First

Video Search with Interactive Results

The innovative “Video Search Engine with Interactive Results” that Babbobox and Infini Videos have co-produced, allows a user to search a topic, and immediately view the search results as an interactive video. One is able to immediately choose scenes within the video that are relevant to the search. With the full-automation of the indexing and the output scene selection, productivity is enhanced and content for the public will scale up.

The platform promises increased productivity as it will provide users with fine control over topics and sources, and allow editors to focus on the direction of the stories. Babbobox and Infini Videos believe that this will be the future of Video Search.

You can now search videos in another language that you do not understand! What better way to extend your video's reach globally by presenting and allow viewers to search in the own languages.

Beyond video search, we are extracting data from videos and presenting it as unstructured big data in a language that you understand. From it, we can analyze the text and extract topics, subjects, etc. Transforming Data into Intelligence from a different language!