Babbobox enables organisations to unleash true value in their digital assets by using instant Media Search and Video Big Data.    

We developed one of world's most advanced AI Video Search Engine as it combines numerous advanced technologies (Speech Recognition, Video OCR, Cognitive Services, Image Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Search) into a single platform.

Incorporated in 2013, Babbobox started as a Cloud Document Management System (Cloud DMS) focusing on helping corporations access their digital content anytime, anywhere and collaborate with anyone using features found normally in high-end, sophisticated systems. Partnering two world-class technology leaders, Kodak Alaris and Lenovo, Babbobox launched our first product JustShareIt DMS in 2015.

By 2017, Babbobox has evolved and transformed to become a company with the unique ability to "Search Everything" (#SearchEverything). Our definition of "Everything" includes all digital formats of documents, images, audio and video. 

Imagine if you search for the a keyword, our search engine will return:

  • documents containing this keyword
  • images containing this keyword
  • audio clips containing this phrase and bring you to the exact time(s) where its spoken
  • video clips containing this phrase and bring you to the exact time(s) where its spoken 

The reason why we can Search Everything, is because we have the ability to Index Everything. This ability to Index and Search Everything will remain Babbobox's core in all our solutions and for years to come.  


global partner - Azure media Services

How big is this? There are only 9 Partners for Azure Media Services listed HERE globally. Babbobox is one of them and the only one providing such services. We are proud to have attained this exclusive status as it indicates the high level of technological innovation and capabilities at the global level. 

Global Black Belt Partner

Babbobox is proud to be selected by Microsoft for multiple exclusive invitation-only Partner Programs, they are:

  • Azure Apps Red Carpet Partner
  • Cloud Storage Partner
  • Microsoft PowerApps and Flow Partner
  • Cognitive Services Partner

All of these Programs are highly exclusive in which Microsoft only invite carefully selected partners from each country to be the “go to” partners for the new cloud/mobility solutions. Partners were selected based on multiple criteria such as expertise, ability to execute, capacity to achieve targets, market and client base, and proven track record.

"We are honoured to be invited by Microsoft to be part of this exclusive club." said Alex Chan, Babbobox's CEO, "Considering that Babbobox are a relatively new start-up, to be invited into this programme shows that Microsoft recognises the huge potential in the things that we are doing, that Babbobox is in the forefront of a transformation that will change the way we work."