Babbobox launches Ricoh Asia Marketplace

11 countries, Hundred of users, Thousands of products, Millions worth in transactions. 

That pretty sums up Ricoh Asia Marketplace ( This B2B Market Place is the centre that provides the heartbeat for Ricoh Asia, all its subsidiaries and distributors with the Asia Pacific countries. 

Ricoh Asia B2B Market Place

Babbobox is proud to be the exclusive technology partner for the RA Market Place. 

"I believe we created a system that not only is functional, but also beautiful." says Alex Chan, Babbobox CEO. "We are excited about this launch and look forward to partnering with Ricoh Asia in years to come on this B2B Market Place."

About Ricoh Asia (RA) Market Place - It is a centralised B2B platform where Ricoh sales companies and distributors place orders for numerous solution offerings from regional business partners. This B2B platforms serves more than 11 countries within the Asia Pacific region. 

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