VideoSpace's Video Search Engine - It searches INSIDE videos!


We get asked this a lot. "What's the difference between the VideoSpace Search Engine vs Other search engines?"

So I thought we'll write a short article on it. Here's the ARTICLE if you are interested.

But we'll cut to the chase. This is something you probably have never seen before (this will only take 2 mins of your time!)

  1. Click HERE!
  2. Type "Japan" into the Video Search box
  3. You'll "Japan" in 19 search results. It means "Japan" was being said 19 times in various vidoes
  4. Click on the hyperlink results to land in where the "Japan" was said

We can do this in 8 languages. If we run through our translation engine, it will be more than 50 languages!

Feel free to CONTACT US to find out more.