Bring a Enterprise-level Document Management System into your personal life!

Store and access your important data anytime from anywhere
Babbobox provides a safe, reliable repository for your important data that can be accessed anytime from anywhere with Internet access whenever you need them. Babbobox lets you easily download stored copies of your files when you’re away from your home or office PC.

Organize your files
Babbobox lets you upload your files to the folders and organize them the way you like. You can Create, Rename, Cut/Paste (Move) and Delete folders and files.

Share information with anyone
Sharing lets your friends and family easily browse through your folders. Forget about sending large email attachments to your friends and colleagues. Simply share folders and files of any size by sending a link. Babbobox is fully secured and will prevent anyone you haven't invited/allowed from accessing your files.

Collaborate online
Babbobox allows you to share your folders and files with your friends and family. Invited users can upload and contribute photos, videos, documents and other files to your account.