Intelligent Enterprise Storage with the ability to "Search Everything"

We designed a powerful, and yet flexible, Intelligent Enterprise Storage with features of a Document Management System (DMS) to suit your specific business needs. Imagine…

  • Never again…will you leave an important document in your office.
  • Saving hundreds of brochures on you… without actually carrying any.
  • Stop jamming up office mailboxes… with all the unnecessary attachments.
  • Stop wondering which document is the latest version.
  • Self-destruct (self-expiration) of documents or folders… when the project ends.
  • Boosting office productivity… by sharing of information efficiently.

Most importantly, Babbobox enables business to have the ability to control of all sensitive documents within a centralised location. Cost effectively!

Make the World Your Office
Babbobox lets you work from anywhere - office, home, across town, or across the world - and be more productive. Upload and access files from any Internet-connected PC. Set up, organize files and folders just as you would on your desktop at work. Create, Rename, Cut/Paste (Move) and Delete folders and files.

Collaborate with clients
Babbobox provides a fast, easy, efficient way to collaborate on line with clients or other business associates by creating separate user sub-accounts with customized privileges to all or parts of your Babbobox account. Clients don’t need to be registered Babbobox users to access those folders you’ve given them permission to view. You decide what folders they can see and define permission for each folder per each user.

Store and access your important business data
Babbobox provides a safe, reliable repository for your critical business data that can be accessed anytime from anywhere with Internet access - whenever you need it. Babbobox lets you easily download stored copies of your files when you’re away from your office PC or on the road.

Share information with associates
Sharing and publishing options let your project team easily browse through your folders. Forget about sending large email attachments to your colleagues. Simply share folders or files of any size by sending a link. Babbobox is fully secured and will prevent anyone you haven’t invited from accessing your files.

Some examples of how you can use Babbobox at work.

  • Send quotation with one or many product brochures or large files to client.
  • Send creative artwork files and design mockup for client preview (when it’s too large to email)
  • Share a time-control document (eg: weekly updated price list) with client.
  • handing-over process where all documents (tender docs, project schedule, etc...) to colleague who is going to take over the project from you.
  • Keep all quotations (old or new) and invoices for reference and storage.
  • Store weekly meeting minutes within the company.
  • You can share monthly sales report with management.
  • Send stock check report to your supervisor.
  • Send monthly IT maintenance report to your supervisor.
  • Monthly claims and reimbursement to HR.
  • Keep a copy of all document templates throughout the entire company.