A comparison between a typical Cloud Storage vs. Babbobox

#Artificial Intelligence (Data Extraction)

Babbobox is the next generation of Enterprise Storage that uses Artificial Intelligence. Babbobox A.I. Storage used Speech Recognition, Video OCR, Image Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Search to perform the following on video, audio, images and documents:

  • Data Extraction (Unstructured Big Data)
  • Indexing and Search

Making it the first A.I. Storage that is able to "Search Everything".

#Artificial Intelligence (Text Analytics)

Text Analytics is useful if you need to quickly identify the main points in a collection of documents. We employ techniques from sophisticated Natural Language Processing and support up to 15 languages. The supported languages are: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. 

This fundamentally lays the foundation for potential benefits from Unstructured Big Data. 

#Search Everything (VIdeo, Audio, IMages and Documents)

The Babbobox Search Engine is one of the world's most advanced because of its ability to "Search Everything". In short, it means that we are able to search INSIDE documents, images, audio and video by using and combining various indexing technologies. 



Our powerful indexing engine allows us to index your uploaded documents so that you can search INSIDE your documents!

By default, Babbobox can index and search most major languages around the world! We can even integrate XML into our Indexing engine for greater flexibility!


In addition, we are able to search your audio and video content in the following languages: 

  • English (UK and US)
  • Spanish (Spain and Mexico)
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Arabic (Egyptian)
  • Japanese


Our powerful search engine can SEARCH your documents in more than 100 languages! They include: 

  • English
  • Simplified Chinese (简体中文)
  • Traditional Chinese (繁體中文)
  • Arabic
  • Malay
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Tagalog
  • Vietnamese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Hebrew
  • Latin
  • Turkish
  • Mongolian
  • And many more...


#Data Security
Babbobox employs multiple layers of AES 256-bit encryption technology to ensure the security of your files and data. In plain words, this means that in the very, very unlikely event that your files are compromised (e.g. someone managed to steal the harddrive where the files are residing on), your files are encrypted in such a way that they are unbreakable, and thus, totally useless to the perpetrators. Despite the complex nature of deploying multiple layers of encryption, we do feel that this methodology offers one of the best (if not the best) form of data security in the Cloud. In addition, all communications are done over SSL to complete the entire security loop. 

#Application Security
On top of that, Babbobox uses our proprietary application level 3-Tier Security which is targeted at User Account, Folder and File levels. Collaborate with others with "editor" or "viewer" permission and where their domain is trusted. You can also unshare or delete folders and files based on schedule (known as document expiration feature), and even enforce greater security protection to your sensitive shared folders or files with hierarchy of passwords. Read a little more HERE!

#Platform Security
Our platform partner is MICROSOFT Azure57% of all Fortune 500 uses Microsoft Azure. In short, you do not have to worry about platform security becuase Azure is class leading and as good as it gets!


This allows you to view documents WITHOUT needing to download them into your devices. What are the advantages?

#1 Security – If you don’t download the document onto your devices (PC, tablets, smartphones), you cannot lose the document even if you lose the device.

#2 Availability – You can now read these documents anywhere even if you don’t have the necessary software installed on your devices.

Our reader can read up to 40 file formats, which includes:

DOC, DOCX, ODT, XLS, XLSX, ODS, PPT, PPTX, ODP, PDF, VSD, MPP, TIF, DWG, PSD, TXT, RTF, XML, EML, MSG, EPUB, SVG, HTML, DICOM and common image formats (like PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG, etc) 

YES! It can even read MRI scans over your mobile phone!


Your Babbobox account automatically comes with XML integration capabilities. This is where you can upload any files with an accompanying XML and our system will automatically index the file with the accompanying XML file. 

This will allow any files (including videos, audio and photos) to be searching by our powerful search engine. 


Our 3-Tier Security is targeted at User AccountFolder and File levels. 

Collaborate with others with "editor" or "viewer" permission and where their domain is trusted. You can also un-share or delete folders and files based on schedule (known as document expiration feature), and even enforce greater security protection to your sensitive shared folders or files with hierarchy of passwords. 


For System Administrators, You can track all actions users make in the system. These actions include:

  • Uploads/Downloads
  • Invite Collaborators
  • Create/Delete Folders
  • Create/Delete Files
  • Share/Remove Folders
  • Share/Remove Files
  • Assign/Remove Password to Files/Folders, Etc

For USERS, you can track all the following actions:

  1. All activities by yourself, AND
  2. All activities by OTHER USERS within the shared folder.


Other than "Internal User" user account type, we allow you to create user accounts for "Business Partners" (External Users). The key difference is that "Business Partner" accounts are isolated from the rest of the "Internal Users" accounts. By allowing Business Partners access, you can build stronger ties and ease communications between parties.

Examples of such usage would be Projects, Marketing department sharing collaterals with PR agencies, with Key Customers to maintain close relations, etc. 


Create shared workspaces and easily invite team members to upload files and collaborate online. Documents and files are always accessible anytime, anywhere.


Ever needed a file from someone but the file was just
- too LARGE to be sent via email? 
- too SENSITIVE to use a 3rd party public file transfer app?

The #ShareAFile is a file request feature that specifically addresses this problem! Simply send a email request using #ShareAFile and person whom you are requesting from simply click one a link to upload files. For added security, we even password-protect each individual file request.


Easily share large files both within your company and with external partners replacing FTP software and email attachments. You can either choose to share a single file or an entire folder. 


Once you shared your files, you can even track the number of times your file(s) has been downloaded! Very useful if you want to verify that your file had been downloaded when shared!  


If you have a file/folder that you want to be deleted on a certain date, you can easily do that too with the auto-delete function. 


You only want to share a file or folder for a limited time? No problem! You can set an auto-expiration date for the sharing and Babbobox will automatically take the file/folder down for you.


Create and organize multiple layers of folders replacing your file server with an online company-wide file system


Like a newsfeed for your workspace, keep up with all activities via the "Activities" tab in your Babbobox. You are also notified via email when others have uploaded new files to the workspace


Keep track of your latest file version while maintaining all your previous copies. Forget about keeping track of your documents (drawings, technical draft documents, etc.) manually. With Babbobox, users will be able to retrieve not only the latest copy anytime, anywhere. We will also keep ALL previous versions!  


You can check-out a document so other collaborators cannot edit or see your changes to the document. The checked-out document is also 'locked' so that others cannot make any changes. 

When editing is done, you can upload a new version and check-in the document back into your Babbobox so that other users who can access the document can see the new version and edit the document if needed.thers with "editor" or "viewer" permission. You can also un-share or delete folders and files based on schedule (known as document expiration feature), and even enforce greater security protection to you


No access to email? You can now send a message to any of your team member within you Babbobox console.


View, Upload. Download, Share your files on any HTML browser-enabled mobile device (phone and tablets). 


You can choose to transfer your folders and files from your PC to your Babbobox account easily and efficiently using the a desktop upload software tool.  


This what the Babbobox is all about. You can now directly scan and upload your documents directly into your Babbobox account! Please contact us to find out how!


Minimize user training and support costs, eliminate software licenses or hardware maintenance. Get started in just minutes. And so easy-to-use!