This section showcases the very essence of Babbobox's unique value proposition - our deep ability to Search Videos. From this, we created different unique solutions (Babbobox, VideoSpace and Video-Search-as-a-Service) that redefines the way we search. We call this "The Search for Everything".

  1. Most formats (index and search) - Over 50 formats for Video, Audio, Images and Documents.
  2. Most advanced technologies - Speech Recognition, Video OCR, Image Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Search, etc.
  3. Number of languages supported - 12 languages for Speech Recognition, 26 langauges for Video OCR, 100+ languages for Documents. 

VideoSpace Search Engine can index and search on the following elements:

  • Speech (up to 12 languages)
  • Text (more than 25 languages)
  • Objects
  • Motion
  • Face
  • Emotion
  • Offensive Content (Nudity, Profanity, etc)
  • Custom Search (Logos, Objects, Landmarks, etc.)

Auto-generation of Video SEO (tags using Speech, Text, Objects)