Babbobox's unique proposition is in Enterprise Search. We also realized that Video is the King of Content. So we added media (video, audio and images) to what we do best (i.e. Search) and created TWO game-changing World's First! 

  1. Most formats (index and search) - Over 50 formats for Video, Audio, Images and Documents.
  2. Most advanced technologies - Speech Recognition, Video OCR, Image Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Search, etc.
  3. Number of languages supported - 100 languages for Documents, 9 languages for Speech Recognition, 26 langauges for Video OCR

VideoSpace Search Engine can index and search on the following elements:

  • Speech (up to 12 languages)
  • Text (more than 25 languages)
  • Objects
  • Motion
  • Face
  • Emotion
  • Offensive Content (Nudity, Profanity, etc)
  • Custom Search (Logos, Objects, Landmarks, etc.)

Auto-generation of Video SEO (tags using Speech, Text, Objects)